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Investor Relations

This IR website (www.banknorwegian.no/om-oss/investor-relations) contains certain historical information about Bank Norwegian ASA, published prior to the intragroup merger between Nordax Bank AB (publ) and Bank Norwegian ASA, which was completed on 30 November 2022. The merger was implemented with Nordax Bank AB (publ) as the surviving company and Bank Norwegian ASA as the transferring company. In June 2023 Nordax Bank AB (publ) changed its name to NOBA Bank Group AB (publ).

For Investor Relations related information about NOBA Bank Group AB (publ), please go to: https://www.noba.bank/investors.

Bank Norwegian ASA:s historical press releases can be found in Oslo Børs’ portal NewsWeb.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Bank Norwegian has prepared special guidelines for corporate social responsibility. These were adopted in 2017 and have been integrated into the our day-to-day operations. Responsible lending, safeguarding customers’ privacy, preventing financial crime and looking after our employees are prioritized areas that entail long-term commitments and form the basis of our corporate social responsibility.

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